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Tis The Season To Be Grateful

‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful

Tayla Capser, Writer November 13, 2021

Halloween has passed. We’ve devoured all the chocolate we can eat--while of course picking through them to find our favorites--and now we’re ready to bring on the next holiday. We all remember its...

Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone

Bridget Belden, Writer November 11, 2021

As a girl, one of the things I hate about growing up is that now everything is different. When I was little everything was filled to the brim with joy and happiness. I got to see my friends at school,...

Boys Can Be Feminists Too

Boys Can Be Feminists Too

John Madion November 4, 2021
For years, men have painted feminism as feminine, so they can stop others from supporting it. They said that it isn’t manly to stick up for a woman. They bent the narrative in their favor - like they do to everything else.
The Meaning Of Feminism

The Meaning Of Feminism

Abby Houghton, Writer October 22, 2021

We were in the car coming home from my grandparents house. It was a late March night and everyone was tired, but we still had a twenty minute drive ahead of us. My parents were silent in the front and...

Here is an image of the water showing how the dock for a boat fell over and the tree next to it has fallen too.

The August 2nd Storm of 2016

Bridget Belden, Writer March 18, 2021

It was August second, 2016, late afternoon, and my mimi (my mom’s mom) and I were at Joann Fabrics, it had been two days since my ninth birthday. We were walking down the aisle when my mimi thought she...

10 year old Houghton skis down the hill after finishing her first ski race.

Winning Last Place

Abby Houghton, Editor in Chief March 18, 2021

I poked my head around the girl in front of me. My stomach lurched, churning like I was about to throw up. The hill sloped downward, with long, blue and red gates every few feet that seemed to lurk upon...

Staff Editorial-- Why Homework Should Be Banned

Staff Editorial– Why Homework Should Be Banned

All Staff , Writers & Reporters March 10, 2021

In Michigan, students are required to attend school for 1,098 hours a year. Along with this, students are required to balance school with a social life, hobbies, and homework. For many teens, this is extremely...

My Unpopular Food Opinions

My Unpopular Food Opinions

Lucy Bongiorno, Writer February 3, 2021

Just like many people, I have plenty of unpopular food opinions. Here are a few of them: Tomatoes do NOT belong on sandwiches. I, for one, am definitely not a tomato lover so I guess I do have a little...

Impacts Of Not Having A Microwave

Impacts Of Not Having A Microwave

Abby Houghton, Editor in Chief February 3, 2021

This year, many things have changed due to Coronavirus and lunch isn’t an exception. Not having a microwave in the cafeteria might not seem as catastrophic as other changes this year, but for many other...

Social Media & Its Effect on Teenagers

Social Media & Its Effect on Teenagers

Lucy Bongiorno, Writer January 20, 2021

Social media is arguably one of the biggest time consumers in teenagers’ daily lives. A 2018 Pew Research Center Study found about 750 thirteen to seventeen-year-olds showed that about 45% are continuously...

Photo taken by Saydi -Kiley

Fashion Trends Of 2020

Riley Scollard January 20, 2021

  This was a year of many ups and downs, quarantining, finding many new hobbies, and lots of time away from school, along with many mixed emotions. Aside from all of the negatives of 2020, lots...

Winter or Summer- The Ongoing Debate

Winter or Summer- The Ongoing Debate

Lucy Bongiorno and Riley Scollard January 19, 2021

Lucy: In a state where we experience all four seasons, people have many different opinions on which one is the most favored. However, with my experience from living here my whole life, summer is obviously...

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