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J. Lu

Hour Of Code Offers New Opportunities

December 14, 2021

In January of 2013 a project called Hour Of Code was founded by Hadi Partovi and Ali Partovi for the purpose of improving computer education within school systems and increasing student interest in coding. 

Today this program still exists and schools still integrate it into their classrooms when Computer Science Education Week comes around each year. This year Computer Science Education Week was December 6-12, 2021. This week is set based on December 9th so as to coincide with the birthday of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper who is known for her work as a computer scientist. 

During the time span of December 6-12, 77% of students participated in Hour of Code either in class or at home, and 71.6% of students have participated in Hour of Code in the past as well. 

At EMS the majority of students enjoyed Hour of Code, with many saying it was fun. One student, 7th grader Trinity Connel said, “[It was] amazing. It helped me alot when I was building animations… it opened my eyes to a new way of learning and one day it might even make my future even brighter”

Many students want to continue doing Hour of Code in school, and hope to come across more opportunities to learn. Students are grateful for such an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge in computer science, and many are beginning to consider computer science careers as well. 

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