Breaking News: Oxford Shooting Copycat Threat Hits EMS

December 3, 2021

As of December 3, 2021.

At 10:46 am this morning EMS students, teachers, and parents received an email from Mr. Perkins informing them that earlier in the morning students received a text message that threatened the safety of EMS students and staff. Thankfully the students who received the message quickly reported it, helping to ensure the safety of students at EMS. This report allowed the administration at EMS to contact law enforcement to help pinpoint the threat and determine it was false.

Currently an investigation is still in motion with law enforcement and the TCAPS administration. Safety measures have already been set into action.

“Today‚Äôs experience mirrors what over 100 school districts around our state are facing as a copycat response to the Oxford school shooting earlier this week.” said Mr. Perkins in a schoolwide email. Furthermore, 60 schools have already closed today due to similar events.

Administration is asking that if students need to report anything they should do so by talking to a staff member or anonymously report information to OKAY2SAY by either calling the tip line with the number 855-565-2729, texting the number 652729, or emailing [email protected]

For additional information and resources visit the EMS outreach document:

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