Quarantine Log – May 27, 2021 – Bridget Belden

May 27, 2021


In truth, today wasn’t terrible. But the end was the best part. I started my day with an attempt to sleep in, although my brothers woke me up nonetheless. From there I stressed about how I was going to do homework that I had no real will to do. Sure, I wanted to get that homework done, I wanted to finish and feel good about myself for accomplishing that goal. But putting in the effort didn’t seem that appealing. So instead I listened to music, thought about everything that was spinning around my head, and (I know it’s bad) talked to my dog. 

I also forgot to mention that yesterday I really lost my mind when I started watching videos about extreme couponers – I know that I sound insane, but it was so interesting! These people end up having the store owe them money! They basically get everything for free. It’s like turning a store’s advertising strategies (sending coupons to get you to buy more) into your own store domination strategy. I really don’t know how they do it. But enough about that. 

The rest of the day was quite boring. I continued procrastinating, I watched some TV, and I ate lunch. It only got exciting at around 3:30. At the time I had just finished talking to some of my friends who were doing their tennis matches, but a short while after I got a call from my mom. I wasn’t expecting anything big. All I really thought was that she was calling to tell me that my brothers would be home from school soon. But I instead got the best news of the week – I’M NOT QUARANTINED ANYMORE!! Apparently there is new information that makes it so that I can return to school! (I’m guessing that the person who I was exposed to had a rapid test that was positive and then they took one of the longer – more accurate – tests and that came back negative.) 

When I received the news I was practically bouncing off of the walls. I was so hyper that my dog actually got up from her nap! It was such a wonderful moment, until I realized that I had to do all of my homework that I had been delaying. Clearly, doing the homework was not fun. But I can’t wait to return to EMS tomorrow! The only thing that I’m worried about is the fact that I have a quiz tomorrow and I’m not really sure I’m prepared for it, but the only thing that really matters is that I’ll get to be at school with my friends. I know that it has only been three days of quarantine, but I really miss being able to talk with them. Laughing by yourself is depressing and just not as fun. So I plan to make the best of tomorrow! 

Sadly, now that I’m not quarantined anymore, this is my final Quarantine Log. Hopefully I won’t be quarantined again, but if I am quarantined again then there’s a chance that I will start back up with writing these logs.

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