Weekly Covid Testing for Athletes

May 24, 2021


Sports for East students this year have been unreliable because of the recent Covid spikes in Michigan. Up until recently, athletes weren’t required to get the antigen Covid test to play their sport. However, for all of East’s spring sports, students have to get tested once a week or they cannot participate. 

During the student’s lunchtime, they go to the hallway near the gym and wait in line until it is their turn to get tested. Once their paperwork is approved, they proceed into a classroom with different test stations. After they’re inside, they are instructed to swab the test inside each nostril 5 times. Then they’re directed out the door and to carry on with lunch. This happens once a week and is not required for 6th graders. If students don’t get tested, they can’t participate in their sport until the next testing session or until they have prove they are negative.

Even though there are mixed opinions on this, most students value the testing. “It’s strange that’s the world we live in now, we have to get tested for sports,” seventh-grader Caleb Keller states. However, he thinks it’s helpful saying, “I think it’s beneficial because if one of your teammates has Covid, you would be alerted.” Eighth-grader, Isabella VanWagoner agrees saying, “I mean it’s not 100% accurate but it helps bring out the covid cases that we wouldn’t see.” VagWagnoer and Keller agree that the amount of testing a week could be increased, but it’s fine as it is.

The testing has resulted in many quarantines and self-quarantines. However, most athletes agree that getting Covid tested is worth it for them to compete in their sports.

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