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EMS Transfers Back Online

April 6, 2021

EMS students are no strangers to online school. All TCAPS students experienced it at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, and again at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Students that aren’t doing online school have learned how important it is to follow all COVID-19 guidelines and rules because if COVID-19 cases and quarantines get too high, TCAPS can easily switch back online; and that happened again last night.

Rumors had been flying around that after Spring Break East Middle School would go online which was met with mixed feelings. Many people wanted the decision to be released early so that they could extend their vacation time, while other concerned parents did not want to reopen school to Face To Face because a large number of people traveled. On the other hand, many students and staff didn’t want to be online and parents worried about needing to monitor their kids while online. 

However, these were just rumors until last night when the TCAPS Superintendent, Dr. VanWagner chose to move all high school and middle school students online and recommended that they stay online all week. (The TCAPS board will have a meeting tonight at six, which will most likely approved VanWagnor’s recommendation.) 

VanWagoner says he chose to go online because of, “[t]he input received from the GTCHD, which was given to all schools in Grand Traverse County”. This “input” had four main points, “increased local cases in middle and high school aged children,” “Governor Whitmers’ recommendation that schools go virtual after spring break,” “CDC and the Michigan Department of Health and Human…… recommend post spring break quarantines for those who have travelled,” and “time needed for Health Department staff to complete case investigations [about student and staff”. 

So for now, EMS students will have to stay online for their safety and hope that there is a day in the near future that they can be together safely. Stay tuned to The Link for new content and updates! 

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