Student Profile: Lucy Bongiorno

March 24, 2021


Lots of future EMS students are wondering “what will my school routine be like next year?” “Will it be hard to manage all the stress?” Lucy Bongiorno explained how she manages balancing the school life with her separate life  to answer some of these questions.

Lucy wakes up at 6:45 each day and leaves her house around 7 oclock, 5 times a week. For most students this is the hardest part of the day, “I hate getting up at 6:45 every morning and I don’t like how long school is.” After she crawls out of bed, that’s when it’s time to hop in her car. Shortly after that the first few hours fly by, it’s time to eat lunch, her favorite part of the day. She states, “I like lunch because I don’t have to do any school work and it’s fun to socialize with my friends.” Students don’t have that much time to socialize with each other during the school day, so lunch is a great time to hangout, socialize and eat. Then, finally she gets to her favorite class of the day, DMC! Here she gets to work on Trojan TV and The Link

Some students have after school activities to balance with their social life, school life and their free time. Lucy plays on the 8th Grade Basketball team, she faces the struggles of many others with getting homework done every night while playing sports and going to practice everyday. “I think it’s definitely challenging to balance everything especially since a lot of my teachers assign homework every day and I have basketball practice almost every night.” 

Reading this busy schedule probably stresses you out a bit just reading it. Her advice to future students, “don’t stress about irrelevant stuff because it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things”. Something that has gotten her through middle school is to enjoy each day one day at a time and now think or worry too much ahead, I think taking everything one step at a time because it’s easy to overthink and get overwhelmed about things that you shouldn’t stress about”

Middle school is a place to find your friends as well as growing up and learning different things. The kids you hangout with are going to shape you as a person, as well as teach you life experiences and life long memories.

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