Behind The Scenes Of Trojan TV

March 7, 2021

Once every week, Trojan TV releases another episode. The episodes are typically about seventeen minutes long, but the work that goes into making them takes much longer than that.

There are two teams that produce Trojan TV, the teams alternate between weeks, giving each team two weeks to prepare, flim, and edit. On each team, there are producers, anchors, and techies. Emma Dykstra and Emma VanWagoner are two co-producers on the same team. 

The first step is that the teams take it writing the script, which is the hardest step. The script is written by the producers and anchors, while the techies prepare the graphics. “Lots of work and determination go into the writing the script; but our hard work totally pays off,” producer and anchor, Emma VanWagoner said. The script normally takes three days to be written, and the team spends lots of lunches and after school time to finish the script. 

The next step is filming. Filming is the most fun part of making a Trojan TV in Emma Dykstra’s opinion. “The group really comes together as a team and everything clicks into place during the filming,” Dykstra added. Filming Trojan TV, the group has lots of bloopers and silly moments. “Those blooper moments are everything. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue to stop laughing,” VanWagner added. 

The final step is editing, which is done by techies and producers, which takes about three hours “Editing it really hard, it takes a lot of energy… people don’t really understand how much work it takes to edit. The editing team has to work on advisories, lunches, mask breaks, and a lot of afterschool time, just to produce 14-ish minutes of Trojan TV,” VanWagoner said. 

Dykstra added that, “…to produce, flim, edit, and make a Trojan TV, it takes a bunch of different jobs… it takes everyones skills to make a Trojan TV, and without everyone’s skills, we would be nothing.”

Being part of Trojan TV is hard work and lots of responsibilities, but the team handles it very well, and as a result, create great shows! Stay tuned to The Link for more stories! 

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