COVID-19 Vaccine Day For Staff

January 27, 2021

The fight against COVID-19 has been ongoing since the first case December, 2019 and it’s not over yet. This Friday (January 29th) and Friday February, 19th all TCAPS students and staff will have the day to allow TCAPS staff to participate in vaccine clinics. 

This news came very suddenly on the 25th. Although it surprised many students and staff, EMS science teacher, Mr. Moore wasn’t surprised when he heard that teachers would get this Friday off for COVID vaccines.

 “If anything I’m surprised we didn’t get it sooner because a lot of teachers have been anxious to get their vaccines,” he said. Mr. Moore also explained that while he was glad teachers had this opportunity, he “personally believe[s] that vaccines are pretty important, but we need to be pretty careful with how these things are structured and given.” 

Omega house secretary, Mrs. Humphrey, got hers a while back and told us what it was like. “This will sound silly, but it was so fun…. and it was very efficient.” She explained that, “it is run out of the Hagerty center, so everyone was joking around and it was a lot easier and a lot nicer than I thought.” 

Mrs. Humphrey also let us know that the vaccine didn’t hurt. “I was probably one of the best shots I’ve ever had.” She did go on to say, “my arm was sore afterward for about 20-30 minutes though.” 

Many EMS students were quick to weigh in as well. 8th grader, Isabella VanWagoner voiced her thoughts. “I feel really good about it. I feel like it would be really good for all the teachers,” she said, adding that, “more staff will be at school so we don’t have to go online again.” 7th grader, Graiden Insana, had similar ideas, “I think it’s also good so we don’t have to go online again,” he agreed, admitting that, “I just like having a day off.” 

And while not everyone may have the same opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine, the most important thing is to stay safe. So keep up the good work and keep your mask over your nose and mouth.

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