It’s a Powder Party

January 20, 2021


Addy Kuberski skis around a gate.

Many skiers got their season back, and finally get to tear up the slopes again this year. Others may be having a hard time adjusting to the Covid friendly ski season rules. Many other skiers are relieved that they get a ski season.

“I don’t feel nervous at all, I feel like it’s 100% safe skiing since we’re wearing masks and were also outside” Addie Kuberski states. Addie is one of the many skiers that feels this way. Her ski team (Grand Traverse Ski Club) takes many precautions on the course such as wearing a mask and social distancing. Unfortunately, she has to miss out on the fun bus trips with her team to the races and practices, where some of their best memories and team bonding experiences are made.

This year the team GTSC has less races than most years, “It’s fun but I feel like there’s been more fun ski seasons in the past.” Kuberski enjoys slalom ski racing and is extremely grateful for the ski season and thrilled to make more amazing memories with her team this year. Many sports teams and players have learned to never take anything for advantage and enjoy every second of it.

 Overall, this winter season is filled with sports that have been very eventful for many youth athletes while staying safe. Addie will continue to spend time with her ski team through these next winter months, and continue to enjoy the slopes.

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