Fashion Trends Of 2020

January 20, 2021


This was a year of many ups and downs, quarantining, finding many new hobbies, and lots of time away from school, along with many mixed emotions. Aside from all of the negatives of 2020, lots of teens started/ brought back some trends. Here are my takes on a few of the most popular fashion trends of 2020. 


1: Baggy pants 

Oversized pants were one of the biggest trends of 2020. Gen Z paired these pants with everything as far as a loose fitting shirt to a tight crop top. Personally, I love this trend and I really enjoy wearing baggy pants. I rate this trend a 10/10. 


  1. Tie dye 

Over quarantine in March, many teens enjoyed tie-dying sweatpants and sweatshirts of various colors. This was a big hit on tiktok with many famous tiktokers doing it as well. From my point of view, I liked this style way more in early quarantine. I love how you can make it from home and there’s lots of colors in the clothing. I would rate this 5/10 because it got overused.


  1. Cute Purses/Bags 

Early summer of 2020 cute purses made a huge hit. I can see why with everything opening up teens wanted to go out in public in style, after that rough 3 month quarantine. I would rate this accessory 3/10, I think it’s cute but it’s not my personal style preference.


  1. Graphic t-shirts 

During fall of 2020, graphic t-shirts became a big hit. I wore them quite often and still do. I absolutely love them, they’re so comfortable and casual you can wear them anytime even for pajamas. I would rate these shirts a 10/10.


  1. Claw hair clips

This fad from the 90s made a huge comeback in 2020. A lot of people love this little hair clip. It’s comfy, easy to put in, good for your hair, and super cute. Personally, I love these clips, they’re so easy to use and to take on the go, the only thing I would change about them is sometimes they’re not as tight as a hair tie. I would rate them an 8/10.

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