Winter or Summer- The Ongoing Debate

January 19, 2021

Lucy: In a state where we experience all four seasons, people have many different opinions on which one is the most favored. However, with my experience from living here my whole life, summer is obviously the best and here’s why.

There are too many reasons that summer is the best (who’s surprised?). However, the first reason is that there’s no school. Let’s be honest, school isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. Many enjoy a long, warm vacation after nine months of school. Without the stress of school, waking up early, and having to achieve good grades, people are usually so much happier. Also, there’s so much more time to do things you enjoy (except for maybe skiing, but who needs skiing when you have water skiing?) John Cena says it best, “Anxiety gets to us all. No need to make it a deal until it’s a deal, when it’s a deal, deal with it the best you can.” In summer there’s little to nothing to stress about, so it isn’t a big deal. The only thing you have to worry about is the bathing suit you’re going to wear.

Along with having more free time (plenty of time to get an immaculate tan), the weather is also amazing and relaxing. In a season like winter, you’re cold, irritated, and your fingers and toes are numb. In summer, you can go outside and soak up the sun and go for a nice swim. Summer has a lot of variety too. Say you don’t like super hot weather, there’s always refreshing rain or days that are super windy to switch it up. Not only is the weather perfect for everyone, the sunsets and sunrises are always so beautiful. Also, not to mention summer is the most elite time to make the best memories. The majority of my favorite memories are from Summer. 

All in all, summer is obviously the best season, way better than any other season (like winter). All year, I look forward to summer and I don’t think I would be able to improve it in any way. 


Riley: Even though in the summer there’s not a worry in the world, nor a cloud in the sky, the winter always gives me a light in my day. For example, at night seeing beautiful christmas lights, going christmas shopping, playing pond hockey for hours everyday, the days leading up to christmas, walking in from the cold with rosy cold cheeks and the fireplace on. Not to mention going skiing.

Winter is a season where you have an excuse to just stay inside while watching Netflix and just being cozy in general. In the winter, sports are also going on. There’s nothing better than playing an amazing sports game. Also, in the winter you’re so much busier. There’s not as much time to be worried about anything or overthinking because you have so much going on.

For all the people that have siblings, you probably know how much fun it is for them to come home in the winter. When they come home for Christmas, the memories we make are always the best.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why winter will always be the best season. Whether it’s being cozy inside or taking on the cold weather, I wouldn’t ever change this season.

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