Less Grinch Concerns, More Covid Concerns

January 11, 2021

Just like many other things this year, people had to alter their regular routines to stay safe, especially during the holidays. From December 21, 2020 to January 3, 2021 there were 366 total cases in Grand Traverse County. Data from previous holidays suggests that many people value seeing their family members, even in the midst of a pandemic.

These holidays, Skylar Somero decided to take some precautions to ensure other’s health. Somero usually travels downstate to visit her family, however this year she facetimed relatives outside of Traverse City. Although Somero didn’t travel downstate, she met up in person with her relatives in Traverse City. After the holidays, she and her family members were tested for Covid to prevent any positive cases from spreading. Somero prefers to see her family in person but she’s aware that it’s not the greatest option saying, “The more you see people, the longer Covid is going to last, so I feel like we should just wait it out.” 

Somero and many others believed that people should attempt to social distance and not travel. She also recognized that people most likely tried to see as much family as possible. Roxy McClellan was also aware that cases peaked. “People are going to be more exposed because they just want to see their family,” McClellan says. 

Contrasting Somero’s plans for the holidays, Everett Elkins did not plan on changing any of his traditions. Along with Somero and McClellan, he knew that the cases would definitely rise because many people appreciated the company of their family. However, he was more hopeful because of the newly released vaccine.

Overall, the students suspected that the number of Covid cases over the holidays would rise. However, they each had different plans that made them comfortable.

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