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Presidential Election Updates 2

November 6, 2020

During the Link’s previous story on the election, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Alaska had Trump winning and Nevada had Biden on top, but the tables have turned. Now Biden is winning by just less than 1,000 votes in Georgia. 99% of those votes are in and Georgia is expected to be called soon. The question is who will it go to?
Nevada has 84% of their votes in and Biden has 11,438 more votes than Trump. To win this election, Trump needed North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, while Biden only needed one of them. Pennsylvania has 97% of it’s votes in and Trump is winning the electoral votes there by 0.3%. Trump is also winning in North Carolina by 1.4%. North Carolina only has 94% of their votes in.
At this point in the election, after three day, the winner has yet to be declared and anything could happen.

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