TCAPS School Board Flips


Abby Houghton, Editor in Chief

Three seats of three TCAPS board members were up for election Wednesday. And they were filled by all new peeple. Josey Ballenger, Flournoy Humphreys, and Scott Newman-Bale right now are in the lead. Jane Klegman came in fourth, but only the top three will be part of the TCAPS board. Ballenger had 20,038 votes, Humphreys had 14,919 and Newman-Bale was at 13,544. The other four board members are: Sue Kelly, Erica Moon, Matt Anderson, and Pamela Forton. Mrs. Sue Kelly is the current president and Jeffery Leonhard was the vice president, a job that is now open.
Does the fact that all new members were elected, mean that Grand Traverse wasn’t too pleased with the school board? Look for more stories like this, coming soon.