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Trick Or Sick

October 26, 2020

Is it safe to go trick or treating this year? This is the question on many minds as Halloween nears. No one wants to speed up the spread of COVID-19, but not being able to trick-or-treat would ruin Halloween in my opinion. For me, Halloween means dressing up, eating candy, and trick-or-treating with my best friends. At least that’s what it normally means. This year will be very different due to COVID-19.
I love Halloween, mostly because I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I’m not very picky when it comes to candy and on Halloween, my parents let me pig out. I eat way too much candy, but I have a great time. Candy might be great, but I honestly enjoy dressing up as while. Not dressing up as a fairy princess, but putting on fake blood and jumping out at my sister as she came around the corner. I think that dressing up adds a fun playful element to Halloween. For me, Halloween has a feeling. It has the aura of fun and spooky, in my opinion, the perfect mix.
But COVID-19 has changed everything, and Halloween is no exception. Because most people don’t want to be 6 feet apart, especially without a mask, going, trick-or-treating might not be a good idea. Losing trick-or-treating is annoying, but even worse we can’t have a Halloween party. Even low-key parties have been cancelled, due to COVID-19.
Of course people have tried to find safe alternatives, like driving around, throwing candy out car windows at kids, who are standing on their lawns. But this isn’t half as good as Halloween, and besides, no one would come down to my house. Other ideas are wearing a mask while trick-or-treating, but many people wouldn’t wear masks and for my family, that’s too much of a risk.
I go trick-or-treating in some of the downtown neighborhoods, and there are a lot of people. Most years lots of people trick-or-treating around me don’t bother me, but this year is very different. Little kids struggle with wearing a mask all the time and I have a feeling that they might pull down their mask a few times. Older kids without parents might pull down masks, thinking that their parents will never know. This is way too much of a risk for lots of people. The chance that you would bump into someone is too high for me and many other families. Plus, who wants to wear a mask when you have candy?
Insead, this year I will be eating lots of candy with one of my friends and one of my sister’s friends. We will dress up for photos, but nothing really fun. I wish that COVID ws gone by now and I could have fun, but for now, I think that the best bet is to stay home, stay safe, and try to make the best of your COVID Halloween.

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