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COVID Cleaning

October 15, 2020



EMS student wipes off her desk before leaving class.

One of the many changes during COVID is cleaning. After every class, we have to clean our desk and chair. Teachers are asked to stop class five- two minutes early and take around a cleaning bucket with wipes. We then are asked to clean and wipe down the desktop, the seat, and back of the chair and teachers are told to wash the lights and the doorknobs. But is this really helping? Is it needed? I don’t think so. I think that right now staying safe is our number one priority, but this system isn’t working.
I don’t think that it stops very many germs. Right now, students are wearing long pants and sweatshirts for the most part and many kids don’t even touch their desk. It is also very hard for COVID-19 to transfer from student to chair to student. If it isn’t even that effective, why should we do it?
Most people don’t do it correctly. Many students skip wiping down desks, because they don’t want to. And most of the students that do wipe down desks, don’t do it correctly. Many EMS kids forget to get the back of their chair, and don’t clean the top part of the chair. It is very hard to clean every part of the desk and for that reason, it will never be 100% clean. For the students that do it every time and clean every part it may be worth it, but for the majority of the students, it’s pointless. Also many of the teachers that I have and have seen, don’t put on the proper gear, and walk around with the basket properly.
I have seen kids throwing away wipes, and missing the trash can; not bothering to take care of it. I have also seen kids throw wipes around the hallways. This is not only rude and disrespectful, but it gives East a bad image, and students have slipped and fell from wipes on the hallway.
I believe that this is taking too much money to fund. TCAPS has better things that it could be spending money on than wipes. I’m sure that all of these wipes don’t come at a small price, and this money should and could go somewhere better to help support kids.
It cuts down on class time. 5 minutes may not seem like much, but there are 90 days in the first semester (give or take), if we have 7 classes (counting advisory), and lose three minutes each class, then we lose 1890 minutes in all. That is way too much time that we lose due to cleaning, especially if we aren’t doing it right.
I really don’t think that this method is working and my answer is that we should get rid of wipes. Teachers can have one bucket in their room and if students want, they may use a wipe to clean their desks, but this is not mandatory. I think that this will cut down on the amount of wipes in the hallways, give you more class time, and help save money.

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