Tips For Sports Safety

October 7, 2020


Y. Alfonseca

EMS football player dodges a West player.

In the world today, it is a risk when you hug someone. But despite these risks, many people still are playing sports, and staying safe doing it. Here are some tips to stay extra safe.
Wear a mask if you are less than six feet away. I know that it isn’t really comfortable, but sometimes we need to stay safe above anything else.
As much as you can, practice without touching each other. This can be hard for some sports, but if you can, this could keep you safe.
Clean, clean, clean. The less equipment you use and the more your clean it, the safer everyone on the team will be.
Bring your own equipment. This will limit what you have to clean and stop the spread of germs.
All sports have a certain risk to them, but some more than others. Harvard HealthCare did a study to see what sports have the highest risks.
High risk sports include, but aren’t limited to: lacrosse, football, wrestling, dance and competitive cheerleading.
Moderate risk sports include: baseball, basketball, gymnastics, ice skating, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.
Sports with a lower risk include: skiing, golf, biking, swimming, running, sideline cheerleading, field events and weightlifting.
Keep in mind that these sports could be a higher or lower risk depending on how they are played. Regardless of the sport, the safest way you can practice is skill building at home.
Sports are changing this year due to COVID. So make sure that you are being safe on and off the field.

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