Sporting A Mask On The Field

October 6, 2020


Here at East we have many opportunities to do many different and fun sports. The LEAP program allows us to do these sports from school. But is it really safe? Because cross country is not a team sport, runners can social distance, wear masks and it won’t really affect the sport. Volleyball is a higher risk. Football is the most dangerous of them all because it involves very close contact. Right now volleyball has two practices a week and two games per week. Cross country has practice five days a week and a meet once or twice a week. Football has three or four practices and one game a week. All three sports play with other teams from Northern Michigan. Volleyball and football players must wear masks during both games and practices. Cross country runners get to take off their masks while running, both for practices and meets.
Boys basketball is starting up very soon. Hopefully they can do this safely. Girls baseball, wrestling and the ski season are around the corner, and we all have our fingers crossed hoping they can happen. But what happens if someone on the team gets COVID-19? Volleyball and football teammates, especially those that have been in contact with others will be quarantined. The team would most likely have to suspend it’s season. Sports may be fun, but they are also an easy to spread COVID.
Is doing sports even worth it then? Most people would agree that doing sports isn’t worth getting COVID, but there are so many health precautions, and everyone is wearing a mask. Does that make it worth it? Doing a sport is an escape for some, a passion for others, and a way to get energy out for many, so just being able to do the sport is something everyone should be grateful for.

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