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Mask Fashion: Disposable Or Fabric

October 1, 2020

At East if your mask doesn’t fit, you get a disposable one. But some kids wear disposable masks all the time because they prefer them. We got the scoop by talking to EMS students.
Kobe Jackson ‘26 mostly wears disposable masks. He said that “they are fine.” He prefers them over fabric because “they are simple, not heavy, and easy to breath though”
Talya Capser ‘26 disagrees. She says that fabric masks are “more comfortable,” adding that they are more “protective and breathable, plus they come in more than one color.” Capser doesn’t like disposables because of the “metal part on the nose.”
Some students disagree about the metal part over the nose, Amber Wilson ‘25 says that she wears disposable masks because of the metal part over her nose. She likes that fabric masks are “good for the environment, and convenient because you don’t have to throw them away” but she still wears disposable masks because of the nose piece, “it helps keep my mask on, I won’t wear the fabric masks because of that.”
EMS students might have options on masks, but so do experts. Harvard Health did a study and found that in general, the N95 surgical mask is the best for preventing COVID, though that mask is in short supply, and is only used for people in the medical field. Next up are fabric masks. But regardless of their type of mask, almost all students at East are wearing masks. It’s a simple action that will help keep so many students safe.

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