Mask Fashion: Mask Safety

October 1, 2020

Masks are a big part of 2020, lots of people are wondering what masks provide the most protection for yourself and many others. Some examples of different types of masks are cloth, surgical, painters masks, paper and many more.

We caught up with a few students to talk about this important topic, and hear their opinion on why masks are so important. “I prefer the medical masks because they’re comfortable and easy to drink water, but other than that I prefer the N95 masks because they are the safest.” Quoted Keira Wesley, on the other hand, Anna Rupard stated, “I like the masks with the metal piece holding it up because I feel like it doesn’t slide off and it helps me feel more protected. I also like the cloth masks because I feel it helps the environment.” It’s important to wear a mask that is the right size, breathable, comfortable and protective experts say if it’s not breathable people are most likely to take them off.

Lots of people are wondering if wearing masks are effective or making a difference. “I feel like they make a difference but only if you wear them correctly because they stop your spit particles and contain your breath a little bit to prevent the spread of spit particles.” Advised Luke Vanderoest.

Research shows it’s important to wear a mask in crowds and small bubbles. If you’re less than 6 feet away from someone and you have a mask on and they’re not, it’s only protecting them, but if you both have masks on it can stop the spread drastically. We don’t know every detail of COVID-19 yet but what we do know is it’s good to practice good hygiene, wear a mask that fits your needs and stay safe and healthy.

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