J. Mackey

Mask Fashion: Mask It Up

October 1, 2020

This school year, EMS has a lot of big changes- the biggest one being the requirement of wearing masks. Students are required to wear a mask when they are in the EMS building to prevent another Covid-19 outbreak. Governor Whitmer issued an executive order requiring that students must wear masks while in school.

Although having to wear masks all day, students do have a 10 minute “mask break” once a day. They are allowed to safely social distance outside and take their masks off. Anna Rupard and Keira Wesley think that the mask break is necessary. “It helps students to keep their masks on because they know that they have a break”, Rupard says. However, Luke VanderRoest disagrees. VanderRoest thinks that the mask break isn’t effective or necessary. VanderRoest states, “You don’t really do anything and no one is social distancing.”

However when students don’t have a mask break, they are required to wear a mask for about 6 hours a day while they are in the building. Wesley says she’s used to wearing a mask by now. She says that the mask is “becoming more of a normal thing” for her. Rupard agrees and says “I don’t mind the masks as much as I thought I would because of the mask break.”

As for work in the classroom, masks can be a distraction for some people. Others, however, don’t seem to notice. VanderRoest and Wesley say that they don’t notice the mask and they have gotten used to wearing it by now. Rupard states that once in a while she will get distracted by her mask being hot or itchy, but for the most part she doesn’t mind it.

To conclude, the student’s requirements this year have changed in order to follow the Governor’s executive order. The mask requirement has had an impact on the students routine and for the most part students have adapted.

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