East Middle School Transportation


Wren Walker, Writer

With COVID-19 in the world today, no one wants to put their kids on a school bus. But, some parents need to. At East, there is a new car line for people who drop their kids off at school. The parents will drop their children off at their wing to decrease traffic in the main lobby.
Many people think this is very effective. Lots of people have noticed that the morning line goes quicker than the afternoon car line. It may get a little backed up in the afternoon, but it is better than what it used to be. Will they keep it the same even if COVID is gone?
Very few people ride the bus now, so it might be kind of nice for the people who do. There is only one person per seat on the bus, unless there are siblings, who are allowed to sit together. Tyson Burch, the head of the school buses, said that the numbers of people riding the bus is about half of the amount of people riding the bus last year. “During our count in October 2019, we had just under 6,000 ride morning and afternoon buses.” said Burch. “TCAPS owns 100 buses, we drive 61 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon.”
The main parking lot is for teachers and staff. When you come into the entrance of East, students go to the left to their wings. Buses go where they usually go (in the bus loop) with the small amount of people they have. Buses will have the windows open, to get circulation throughout the bus. When winter comes, that may or may not change.
Most parents drive their kids to school, which is understandable. It’s better to be safe, than take the risk of riding the bus. But some parents need to put their kids on a bus because they need to go to work. Which is also understandable.
“We kept the schedules/routes the same mostly the same as last year just because we didn’t really know how many students would be riding. Besides required masks and hand sanitizer everything else is the same, we also disinfect the buses between routes.” Burch said. There’s not many changes, but it is still very different. It is hard to make these kinds of decisions in the world we live in today. It seems impossible, but it’s possible.