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Online School

September 24, 2020


Going back to school after summer can be hard. New grade, new students, new teachers, new school work. But from now on, going back to school won’t be that hard. Why? Because this year, we stepped foot in the building after almost six months.
Because of COVID-19, we even had the first few weeks of school online. How do EMS students feel about this? Emma Dykstra ‘26 said “The first two weeks of online school were better than the end of last year, but still really hard because of the technology issues.”
“It was just hard.” Mia Mars 25’ added, “I didn’t like it. It was hard [and] stressful”.
However not all students agreed that it was hard. For Jennie Lu 26’ and many others, “It was fine.” Lu added that “It went smoothly.”
So what made online school easy? What made it hard? “Distractions. My brother and mom. And my dog. It was hard to focus and get my work done. Plus technology made it even harder,” Dykstra replied.
And that’s not all. Online school had many other problems. Mars caught us up on it. “I wasn’t used to that and it was so new and different. There was more work than normal and it was hard.”
Students that said it was easy, chalked it up to great communication. Lu added that she knew what to do. “The schedules were easy to find and understand. The communication was great!”
Overall East has a big variety of students from those that like online school to those that don’t. These last few months have been hard, but the EMS Trojans pushed through!

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