Basketball has come a long way

January 30, 2020

In 1891, James Naismith published rules for a new game, basketball. But it took more than 50 years for the NBA to be founded. Today, the NBA has 30 teams and, this year, there were 496 NBA players on October 22, opening day. 

NBA players make good money. The lowest NBA salary this year is $208,509, and the highest paid is Stephen Curry at $40,231,758. But the odds of making it in the NBA are long. Fewer than 3 percent of high school basketball players make it on an NCAA college team and about 1.3 percent of NCAA players are drafted by the NBA. 

But a basketball career starts somewhere and there are many aspiring  basketball players here at EMS.

Eighth grader Phoebe Humphrey is competitive on the basketball court. Her goal is simple.

“Win,” she said. “Full send, try your hardest, and if you don’t succeed, try and try again. It’s okay if you miss because there’s always a next time. At first if you aren’t the best, just keep practicing.

“In order to play you have to have a yes mindset, or be willing to do your best,” she said.

Jace Harvey is another eighth grade student who competes on the court.. 

“Making sure I’m shooting my best shot and keeping up with my team,” Harvey said about his goals. He was introduced to basketball when his sisters were playing, and he thought it looked fun.

At East, the different grade levels sometimes play at the same time. Sixth grade student Evan Perkins likes the added challenge and the competition.

“When you get to this level, I’m playing against 8th grader because when I’m dribbling down the court they are bigger than me so I would just say it’s the competition,” he said.

When Perkins was five or six, his old hometown had a program called Delhi, that introduced young people to basketball. Perkins said that he knew his friends were doing it so he decided it would be fun to try. His advice to others is simple.

“Listen to your coach and teammates and make sure you are coming to all of your practices because, if you don’t learn what you were going to learn at that practice, it can affect the team.” he said. The low point, he said, is letting people down, like your coach, your teammates, and your family. 

Basketball has come a long way from its James Naismith’s idea. He most likely had no idea what a success it would turn out to be. 

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