Switch to cold weather

January 16, 2020

The switch from warm to cold weather affects everyone, in good and bad ways. There are a lot of reasons winter and cold weather are a good thing. A lot of people enjoy skiing and  snowboarding, and you can only do it when there’s snow. Skating and hockey are other sports where you need it to be cold. There are also many other sports in the season of winter, like basketball and volleyball,  that have nothing to do with the weather. It’s just the season they’re in. There are also fun activities besides sports that people enjoy in the winter, sedding, snow tubing, and building a snowman. 

One of the greatest things in the winter is Christmas. Not everyone celebrates it, but it is a great holiday with lots of joy. People are always counting down the days and most are excited. 

But not everyone is a big fan of winter. A big thing is the winter blues. The cold weather and lack of sun makes you feel more sad. According to Health Essentials, as the days become shorter, people feel more gloomy. It’s actually called seasonal depression. Symptoms are sleepiness, lack of interest in normal activities, social withdrawal and feelings of hopelessness.

Seventh grader Nanea Mason has mixed feelings about winter.

“Sometimes it will make me grumpy,” she said. “If my parents want me and my siblings to go outside I complain, because I don’t want to go outside. It might be too cold or windy.”

Exercise is definitely more difficult in the winter. In the summer there are a lot more options of a good workout to do in your free time but, in the winter the weather is so cold and the sidewalks are very icy, so people are more likely to stay inside and keep warm.

Other casualties of winter are slip and falls, car crashes and viruses.

“There are positive and negative things, but it gives you a change of things to do,” said Mason, “I feel like it’s just a nice switch up.”

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