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Students should get a say in school rules

January 9, 2020

School rules are meant to keep students on track. They help students know what’s right and what’s wrong and prepare them for the real world. But students do not always agree with them. Some rules that students object to are being marked tardy if you’re not in your seat when the bell rings or getting a Not Prepared if you don’t have a book.

“The rules are to keep everyone in place and on task and that’s why we have them,” building Principal Marshall Perkins said. “In order for students to be successful they need to be taught what’s right and what’s wrong.”

The TCAPS handbook states, “School rules are important and if broken, it leads to a consequence.”

That’s another problem. Three tardies or Not Prepareds lead to a lunch detention. If you skip the lunch detention, that leads to more lunch detentions.

Eighth grader Braydon McCoon is fine with most of the rules.

“I agree with most of them, like dress code, and the tardy rule,” he said. “My favorite rule is dress code because I don’t think people should not be wearing crop tops and stuff.”

But there are some rules he would like to see changed.

“I would change the phone policy and also the no game rule,” he said. “I would change the no game rule because the games are fun and when people are finished with their work, they should be able to play games while waiting.” He would also like to change the rule that says you can’t go back inside during lunch.

Eighth grader Anderson Farmer has several rules he doesn’t like. He thinks students should be able to wear hats and their should be more leniency about tardies. 

“Some people have classes on the opposite sides of the school,” he said.

Like many students, Anderson would also like to change the “no phone’ rule. He thinks students should be able to use them at lunch and during advisory.

“Phones don’t really pose a threat,” he said. “There is no reason to take them away.”

Science teacher Than Dykstra said the rules are in place to protect students.

“The rules are selected and voted for, and that’s why we have them,” he said. “Most teachers have children and know what they did as teenagers. So we are just trying to stop these things from happening.” 

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