Wearing backpacks in school

November 13, 2019

“Oops, my planner is in my locker. Can I get it? ” 

 “Yes, but that’s a Not Prepared.”

This is an everyday problem here at East. Students forget their pencils and other materials. They have to go from one class to their locker and then onto another class in five minutes. Our school policy is to ban backpacks during the day because of the fear of weapons. 

Teachers get frustrated when we don’t have materials and are unprepared. And three Not Prepareds give us a lunch detention. If we could have our backpacks, we wouldn’t have to go back to our lockers for homework or other materials. Most students would benefit if we were able to have your bags because some kids have a hard time remembering to bring a pencil to class. If they had their bag, the problem would be solved.

Mason Cox gets a lot of Not Prepareds and is all for students carrying backpacks.

“I would be on time more because I wouldn’t have to go to my locker, and can go right to my next class,” he said. “I think the school will have less problems with students going out into the hall because kids wouldn’t forget their stuff, for example homework. They would have their stuff with them.”

Seventh grader Malachi Hall also thinks his life would be better if he could just carry his things during the day.

“I would like to have my bag on me because it’s just more convenient,” he said. “I would be on time a lot more, because I would have everything in my bag. A positive for having your bag is I can have everything with me, and would have a lot less unprepared and tardies.”

The other problem with the school policy is that the lockers are so small that the backpack jams them frequently.

Sixth grader Graham Peters admits it would be tiring to carry your bag all day, but he still thinks it would be a better policy. 

“I think kids would be on time more because they don’t have to go to their locker, and they would have their materials,” he said. “A negative about having your bags is that the bag could get really heavy. But I would like to be able to have my bag with me.”

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