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Dress Code

October 17, 2019

“We have the dress code because the kids need to have expectations for learning,” Assistant Principal Rose Gallagher said. 

But some people feel that East Middle School’s dress code is completely unreasonable. I agree that people do need to wear appropriate clothing, but where can girls find shorts down to there finger tips? Also, some people can’t afford new clothes. We are growing, and shorts that were a fine length when we bought them may be too short the next year.

I think it is completely fine if someone gets dressed coded for promoting drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on their clothing, but shorts that are not “long enough”?

The dress code targets girls more than boys, even though it says for all students. Most likely, boys are not going to wear short shorts or skirts, or show their undergarments and their midriff.

“I think our dress code is frustrating, because how they say shoulders are distracting,” eighth grader Addie Feeley said. “It is like saying my knees are distracting, and people aren’t going to want to wear clothing down to their fingertips. It’s just unreasonable.”

And yet we are one of the lucky schools. 

“East Middle School tries to be flexible with the dress code, even though in the TCAPS district handbook, it says shorts have to reach your mid-thigh, our rule is your finder tips,” Gallagher said.  Students at GTACS schools have to wear uniforms. Even when they have a “grub day”, a day where they don’t have to wear uniforms, but they can only wear jeans. They can’t wear dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. They also can’t wear cropped shirts and tank tops. Even on a scorching hot day, they are stuck in jeans and a t-shirt at best. 

And there are even rules about the uniforms. Girls’ skirts have to be knee length, and they must wear t-shirts with specific colors. Boys uniforms are khaki pants or shorts, and the shirts are the same as the girls. They can pick what shoes they want, but it’s still a very extreme dress code. 

Seventh grade student Mae Madion attends GTACS and is not a fan of the strict dress code.

 “I feel like our uniforms never give us a chance to be ourselves,” she said.

If you are dress coded at East, you might have to change clothes.

“It depends on what they’re wearing,” Gallagher said. “Usually, the dress code is wearing a hood, and, in that case, they just have to take it off.”

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