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Monster Cupcake Creations

October 4, 2019

You know that amazing feeling when you sink your teeth into a perfectly baked cupcake with the right amount of frosting and a cute design?

After following this simple recipe, you will be able to recreate that magic whenever you want. 

To make these beautiful monster cupcakes, preheat the oven to a hot temperature (probably somewhere around 350°, I’m not quite sure.) 

First, take the cake mix, mix in some water until the consistency is more watery –not too watery– than before. Then mix in eggs. Do not eat the eggs because they do not taste very good and you need them for the recipe, (I know it can be tempting to eat the absolutely delicious batter). 

Next, add the butter. Usually, the butter is hard, so heat it in the microwave until it is soft enough to squish. Mix until your arm is sore. Don’t forget to add the liner so the cupcake doesn’t stick to the pan! Next, begin to fill the cupcake tins. Make sure you don’t overfill it, or else it will explode in the oven. 

In a different bowl, start working on the monster fur (icing). Add butter, marshmallow fluff, almond extract and food coloring (preferably rainbow). Mix together and put into an icing bag. While scooping, make sure to eat the icing. Once the timer starts screaming at you, take out the magical creation. Leave them out to cool, but make sure your doggo doesn’t get into them. 

Be sure to wear protection goggles and gloves so you don’t burn your hands or eyelashes. After they cool, it’s icing time! Slosh on some icing and spread with a spoon (that way you can lick it after it’s done). Then make a bunch of eyes. Lastly, add on random things until you are happy with it and you have made a perfect monster cupcake!


Ingredients for a Monster Cupcake:

-Cake mix




-Cupcake liners


-More Butter

-Powdered sugar

-Marshmallow fluff

-Almond extract

-Food coloring

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