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Should We Get More Passing Time?

November 29, 2018

Currently East’s passing time is about five minutes between classes. Obviously, if you enter class after the bell, you’re tardy, which is a recurring problem with many students. Their oft-repeated argument: Passing time is too short.

But typically those students are abusing the passing time privileges — hanging out in the hallways, hanging out in the bathroom or at their lockers. Personally I don’t there is anything wrong with hanging out with your friends and talk to them in the hallways on the way to class, but five minutes is plenty of time to do that.

Adding more passing time will bring more problems than solutions.  If we extend the passing time, what’s stopping the students from staying out in the halls even longer? Students will still be tardy.

I will admit that longer passing time will help the student who really try to be on time, but have classes that require them to walk from one end of the school to the other. And the hallways are admittedly crowded with slow-moving students that can make getting to class in five minutes harder.

Seventh grader Reese Cummins thinks the current passing time is long enough, Reese says there aren’t many people that block his way when walking to his class.

For those who skip class or are repeatedly tardy, he said it will eventually catch up with them.

“When they get enough tardies they’ll get punished for their actions and hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes and try to be one time for their classes,” he said.

With the new RTC classroom teacher, the detention room should be a little more strict compared to last year so this plan could work. Unfortunately, many don’t always learn from their mistakes, so this will continue to be an issue.

The other problem with increasing passing time is that it means either lengthening the school day or the school year or taking away from instructional minutes, which is illegal.

Students endure seven hours of school five days a week. So no one wants to extend the day or the year. Therefore the current passing time should stay the same. Five minutes is plenty of time to get where you’re going.

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