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Basic Middle School Survival

October 25, 2018

Middle school can be a hassle. Whether you’re in sixth, seventh or eighth grade, most of you are struggling with things.  Well, get ready for all your problems to be solved! Your school-related problems at least.

A huge problem for teens is getting enough sleep on school nights. It’s extremely common, in all grades, to hear the phrase “Ugh, I’m so tired” in every class, every day. Kids sit in a zombie-like state, put their heads down and simply check out because they’re sleepy. But a majority of the sleeplessness is self inflicted. A lot of people, right before bedtime, grab their phone and stare at it for a while. But science has shown the blue light from the phone screen is the thing that is keeping us up at night. A study reported by Harvard Health Publishing found that 6.5 hours of blue light suppresses the body’s production of melatonin — a hormone that helps us sleep — and  shifts your sleep/wake cycle by as much as three hours. Just putting your phone away a few hours before you go to bed could mean you finally get a good night’s sleep.

Acne is another problems teens struggle with. A lot of it has to do with diet however. Somewhat unwillingly — under my mom’s orders — I cleaned up my diet, and got rid of a lot of sugar. Surprisingly, in less than a week I was mostly acne free. Water is also a huge must when fighting the acne battle. Face masks are also a handy weapon. I tried a DIY lemon and honey mask, and I was surprised by the results. It shrunk pores, and got rid of blackheads. There are hundreds of recipes online and they don’t take more than five minutes to make. But if you have a bright red spot on your face, and there’s nothing you can do about it, be loud and proud! Don’t worry about it. Chances are, it’s not as bad as you think.

Another problem we constantly struggle with is locker organization. Papers, and books fall out everytime you open the door. Things are sticking out everywhere. Things get eaten by the locker and never make a reappearance. Sound familiar? A lot of people struggle with organization, but despite popular belief, lockers aren’t as hard to tame as you might think. Take the time at the end of class to clip the papers on your binder. Trash cans are located underneath the signs that label each wing. Don’t shove the stuff into your locker; just throw it away. It seriously doesn’t require that much effort, even for the laziest of us. Another tip is color coordination. That helps you grab the right binder, then get out of there.

If you’re like me, remembering your homework is another daily struggle. If you want, you can get a planner, but then you have to remember to check the planner. Easier options are writing it on your hand, or on a sticky note that you put somewhere you’ll see. You could preset a daily timer on your phone labeled “homework” that goes off about 4 p.m.,so you remember to do it.

Middle school can be a struggle, but there are definitely ways to work through your problems. Staying positive is also a big help. And remember, overall, your problems probably aren’t as big as they seem.

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