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The “New” Eastern Elementary

September 25, 2018

At 1600 Eastern Avenue, stands a modern, new and improved school, known as the “new” Eastern Elementary. The reconstruction of this school has taken almost a year and a half, and both students and staff members were eager to start the year back at the school they know and love. But, the school is, both inside and outside, very different than what used to be there. Now, the school is very modern, complete with a grand entryway, enormous playg

round, and much, much more.

“I really love the natural light, coloring and furniture. It seems like an inspiring environment and the colors remind me of the sand, water and trees that surround Eastern,” Kathy Radakovich, first grade teacher at Eastern says.  

There are many benefits to the recent reconstruction. For one, the increase in size allows far more students to attend. In fact, this year so many students are attending that they needed to three teachers per grade level, as opposed to last year’s two. Secondly, in the remodel, they paid close attention to minor details that will benefit the students. There are classroom desks that will raise so you can stand and work, chairs that students can peddle and walk if they want to move around, and they even painted the rooms colors that help people focus and relax.

Although there are many perks to the new school, some are very disappointed to see the “old” Eastern is gone.

I think there are mixed feelings,” second grade teacher Mandy Labarre said. “It’s bittersweet and sad to see the old building come down but we are so lucky to have such a beautiful new building to make new memories in.”

Even though the school has changed massively, Eastern still has their amazing staff and students.

“It is still a nice environment,” Anna Majewski, seventh grader, said, “and it fits all the students going there.”

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