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Types of People in Sports

May 16, 2018

When participating in athletics, one is destined to run into a few different types of people. From loud and peppy to grumpy and frustrated, these different personalities are all around you. While not everyone can be categorized, these are just a few common individuals that we might, at one time or another, deal with.  

The Intense One

There’s always one player on a team who takes themselves and everyone else way too seriously. While it’s very important to do your best on a team, there are always times when you just have to laugh at yourself and give yourself a

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break. But this person has no idea how to do that. From screaming angrily on the field (a lot of “GO! GO! GO!”) to isolating themselves from their peers and practicing until they collapse, this person must learn how to let themselves rest every once in a while.

The Peppy One

On almost every sports team, there is always one player who is always cheery. From constantly yelling “You got it, you got it,” to being there for those who are upset, they always have a good pick-me-up in gear. They might be seen jumping for joy on the sidelines, or walking away from a race with a smile on their face. Although they can sometimes be obnoxious, their heart is in the right place, and you can only hope that they’re just looking out for you.

The One Who Doesn’t Try

I’m not sure if everyone has had this experience, but I know for sure that I have. After you’ve finished a race or a game and know that you have lost, it is hard to not blame one person who you know did not perform. I know that when I have the right motivation I can push myself to do my best, but some people definitely struggle with that. This person feels as if they can’t do it, so they ultimately decide not to try. This not only hurts them, but their team as well. Sadly,

plenty of teams have these players. It could either be a matter of keeping their spirits up or pushing themselves a little harder so that they don’t finish the run walking.

The Sore Loser

Throughout a sports career, it is inevitable that there will be times when you lose. While some people handle a loss with great dignity and respect for the other team, some people cannot handle when they don’t come out on top. From crying at a loss to refusing to shake hands with the other team, this person is unable to cope with the fact that they did not win. It’s important to care about winning, but if you care so much that you’re ruining the experience for your peers, it has gone too far.

The Stud

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Lots teams have at least one person similar to this. They have all the friends and they’re really good at whatever they do. They’re a classic stud. Sometimes you might even feel a little jealous because it might seem like they have everything. After the first practice everyone knows that this person spends the least time on the bench, and never finishes last. Even when the coach is in a bad mood, you won’t see this person being criticized. It’s almost as if they can’t make a mistake.

Whether you can relate to these people or not, you can probably say that you’ve had experiences with them. You might not see this personality shining through them on a daily basis, but you know it’s there. In a way, it is almost like an alternate identity. Even through the struggles with these kind of people, all you can do it try your best to reach your goal.  

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