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Amazon Alexa…She Hears You…

May 9, 2018

Amazon Alexa, also known as Echo, is a great household tool to play music, ask questions and get answers as quickly as Google. With the right extensions and devices — not included with Alexa — you can regulate the temperature in your house, turn the lights on and off, or even play Bingo if you’re a bit bored. All you need to do is call her name and say what you want.

Alexa is a great tool. It’s useful beyond belief, and comes at a fairly reasonable price. The Echo is priced at $99.99 on, which includes a full speaker and all utilities. The smaller — but just as useful Echo Dot — comes in at $49.95, but doesn’t include a great speaker. It does, however, have the feature to connect to a larger, louder speaker, and is a more affordable choice with the same abilities.

There are mixed feelings about the price, however.

“I might buy one if the price went down, but I don’t see it as worth the price of $100 right now,” Gollan says. “I

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probably wouldn’t spend $100 on it.”

I use mine almost every day. From a poll I conducted on Instragram, 35 percent of the 110 people who responded owned an Echo, which was higher than I expected.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google or a useful household assistant, Alexa is one of the best options.

But there are many people that are opposed to the idea of a robot capable of listening to everything that you say and sending that information to Amazon living in your home with you. There are stories of people talking about a topic while they are near the Echo, and later that day, they will get an advertisement on their Kindle about that specific product. This is especially odd because Kindle happens to be a tablet invented and sold by Amazon itself.

“I know that Alexa uses information from your account to you give advertisements,” Gollan said. “But I don’t really think they’ll listen to you besides for providing ads.”

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