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Deadly Plane Crash Near Savannah, Georgia

May 7, 2018

On Wednesday May 3, 2018, a Puerto Rican airplane plummeted out of the sky in a twisting nosedive that killed all passengers onboard and caused a large explosion that could be seen from miles away. Nine passengers were confirmed dead, all working for the Puerto Rican National Guard. The cause of the crash is unknown as of now, but it could be related to the age of the plane. There have been mixed reports of the age of the plane, ranging all the way from 40 to 60 years old. Not keeping a tally on the age of the vehicle is most definitely a problem. It’s like diagnosing an elderly person with an unknown age; it just keeps getting more dangerous as they get older with more risks and potential problems.

Of course, the plane still had routine checkups and repairs, but it was certain that the plane was supposed to be retired

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soon in Arizona. The plane was a C-130 cargo plane and the explosion that ensued when it crashed was seen by people all around Savannah, Georgia.

Probably the most miraculous thing about the crash is that no one besides the crew of the plane was killed, despite it crashing on a popular state highway. It’s also a scary reality to think that this was right near the public airport from which it took off, just a mile away from the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. Both Savannah and Hilton Head are popular historical vacation cities, and I’ve personally vacationed to both.

The plane crash is a tragedy from around the city, and was almost ironic as this was the plane’s last scheduled flight in the military. It’s an event that families around the city and families of the victims will not soon forget.

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