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Stressed Out

April 25, 2018

Teenagers are commonly stressed when it comes to school, sports, and other things that go on in their lives. For most teens, homework is a daily task and can be hard to manage, especially for students who participate in after school events. Balancing school and extracurricular activities is difficult, and often causes high levels of stress.

Eighth grader Drew Humphrey said he doesn’t often get stressed, but when he does he tries to play more sports to get his mind off things.  Another eighth grader Kathryn Windholz talks it out with friends when she is stressed.

Homework is a common source of stress. Most of us have homework almost every night, and sometimes in multiple classes. When given too much, it’s not a surprise that students get overwhelmed. Eighth grader Morgan Soloman finds it difficult when she has a lot of school work to complete, as well as other things she needs to do after school.

“I just have to get it all done at once,” she said.

A really important aspect of school is, of course, grades. We are told from a pretty young age that good grades should be

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a priority. A lot of my classmates strive for nearly perfect grades throughout the entire school year, so a bad grade can kill the mood of quite a few kids. Seeing a low grade on Powerschool an be extremely stressful, especially if it is affecting your GPA. Considering that there a lot of tough teachers at EMS, it can be hard to go a whole year without at least one less than admirable grade. We all just need to remember that a few bad assignments are not going to ruin our lives, and not to let a few slip ups get the best of us.

Managing stress, though difficult, is important. The most common forms of stress relief include meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and taking breaks from technology. My favorite way of calming down is probably treating myself — watching movies, listening to music, doing a face mask, and other things I enjoy. This method of relaxing can be personalized to include exactly what you enjoy, which makes it work for everyone.

Even though we can’t completely eliminate stress from our lives, there are a lot of ways to reduce it. Finding the methods that work best for you is the easiest way to calm down when the pressure of life is starting to get the best of you. It is also helpful to remember that you schoolmates are going through very similar things, and that you aren’t alone.


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