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April 19, 2018

As you all probably know, recently there was a fight at our own school. The fight was not like the normal fights that happen at EMS. It was not verbal, but physical. Both boys got OSS (out of school suspension), while people who knew about the fight tended to get ISS (in school suspension).

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I personally knew about the fight and I received one day of ISS because of it. I thought that it was somewhat unfair because almost the entire school knew about the fight. Multiple people posted about the fight, including myself. I put up a post on snapchat that said “today’s a big day kids @newhouse @smalls.” Apparently, to the school, my post was inappropriate. But I did personally think that ISS was unnecessary. I was not the only individual that posted or knew about the fight. Like I said, almost the whole school knew about it. And, the reason we all knew about it was because the boys themselves were posting about it, which caused others to do the same. The only reason I got in trouble for it was because I was the only one whose post was turned into the school. I do think the people actually involved in the fight did deserve some kind of punishment, but there was no way the school could l punish everyone who knew about it. So why single out just a couple of people?

People have asked me whose side I was on, or who I thought won the fight. But honestly I think both boys did equal damage. Although sometimes I think that maybe one boy deserved it more than the other, it’s not about that. Both boys

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received their punishment and learned from it. But I do think that the school has blown the situation out of proportion. Yes, the fight was a big deal. Yes, people could have been seriously injured. But no one was! The school made big speeches about the fight when everyone  already knew it was wrong. The speeches teachers and staff made were so unnecessary. The boys who fought knew it was wrong, and they knew there would be consequences. But they had butted heads so long, they didn’t care anymore.

Even if someone had informed an administrator about the fight, it wouldn’t have prevented anything. The boys still would’ve fought. It might have been outside school, but if it was, the fight would have been so much longer and they would have hurt each other more. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing it happened, but maybe it’s a good thing it happened at school.

I really think that people who did not physically join into the fight did not deserve ISS. We did not harm anyone, and the situation could have gone a lot worse. We need to recognize the bigger issue — figure out other ways to prevent these kinds of things, because no kid likes to rat out other kids, especially someone they call their friend.

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