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Strong Women Strike Back

April 19, 2018

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It isn’t an overstatement to say that women have historically been looked down upon by society. Throughout history this became our status quo. Many of us became accustomed to men leading not only our homes, cities, and countries, but our world. Now of course, times have changed. But maybe not as much as we thought they have. In the past year, many courageous women came together to create a movement better known as “Time’s Up,” opening up about their history of being sexually harassed and even assaulted. As more and more women began speaking out, it became clear that women’s lack of power in the workplace crosses all boundaries. As the silence regarding this issue has been broken, the numbers of women affected are legion.

“Time’s Up” was formed by many women who worked selectively in the film industry.. Sadly many of the women in this collaboration have been victims of sexual abuse by powerful producers, directors and other performers. They kept quiet for fear of embarrassment and fear of being unemployed. Finally, they decided to step forward.

Award-winning actress and producer Reese Witherspoon has always had a strong spirit. Along with portraying many

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bold female roles in movies and TV shows, she also walks into the future showing strength and empowerment, knowing that sexual harassment has to stop.

After all the news came out about mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, women began speaking up about their own experiences. Witherspoon was one of them. She brought up a haunting memory that has followed her around her whole life. When Witherspoon was only 16, she became a victim of sexual harassment. A male director sexually harassed her and she did not fight back for fear of losing her job. More stories like this continued to arise, bringing support and awareness to organizations that supported women’s rights.

Even though many, many women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, it is unfair to assume that many men carry out that behavior. There are definitely strong men that support women.

But there are men — and women — who don’t believe these women. Almost half of men surveyed believe that women are already being fairly treated in the workplace. The women in the #TimesUp organization plan to work till they are truly and fairly represented.

Change is currently in the making. Women have been waiting to find their voice for a long time and finally things are turning around. Fighting for equality is definitely worth it. Thanks to the work of organizations like #TimesUp, the future might finally fall into balance.

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