Ready Player One (Spoiler-free) Review

April 12, 2018

A popular new movie in theaters, “Ready Player One,” focuses on a virtual reality realm called the OASIS, created by eccentric character James Halliday, a game designer and billionaire. It’s a perfect subject for people our age.

OASIS sounds like a perfect and simple world, where anything you can imagine is created. There are no limits, and there are contests and tons of options within the realm. Players create an avatar use virtual reality gear to play. Set in the year 2045 the outside world is deteriorating as quickly as the OASIS is improving.

Halliday, who is getting older and wants a way to distribute his wealth, creates a contest before he dies, in which players compete on a scavenger hunt within the virtual world, including challenges like car races with impossible obstacles, or crazy riddles that make very little sense. The winner of these contests finds three keys to unlock an egg, winning Halliday’s fortune. Obviously, with money like that up for grabs, many OASIS players compete.

That’s about as much of the story I can tell you without spoiling some parts, but I will tell you, it’s worth going to see.

Visually, this movie is absolutely amazing. Much of the OASIS is animated, but it really makes you feel like you’re playing along right with the characters and their avatars. Every person looks different, and can change their appearance how they want. Honestly, it’s very difficult to describe some of the things you see within the movie. Great references to other pop culture appear often, the most obvious being a reference to Stephen King’s The Shining (believe me, it’ll be extremely obvious). These references are called “Easter eggs,” with the reasoning that you’ll have to look closely to find them. This movie is totally re-watchable for that reason.

The visual effects are very original, but the plot runs with a stereotypical style, like “main character’s parents died when he was young,” and “character has to go on long scavenger hunts to win treasure.” For this reason, I would rate this movie as a solid 9/10, and I would love to see it again in theaters. In 3D, this movie would probably be even more stunning.

The movie has done very well in the box office, and is recommended highly by many. Including me.

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