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How to Survive Being Single this Spring

February 28, 2018

Love is in the air! Spring is near, and everyone’s thoughts turn into a lovey-dovey mess. Everyone except you. It seems like there are people everywhere experiencing floating heart bubbles and pretty birds chirping as they get all cute and cuddly with their crush. And what about you? Yeah, no. None of that is happening for you. Well, here are some tactics to survive being alone this spring.

First up, you can be your own date! Go out and buy some of the really good, really expensive chocolate and one of those soft teddy bears or some flowers. Buy a romantic, flowery card and and write a note to yourself. If you really want to get in the mood, sign the card as your crush and use some imagination.

You can also celebrate with your friends. Celebrate the fact that you are all single-pringles and happy about it! Get together. Have a party. Buy some chocolate and swap flowers and happy cards. Maybe plant some stuff or go for a bike ride or whatever teenagers do these days. Make some jokes and embrace that fact that you are single and strong!

Or you can go with the negative route. Gorge yourself with chocolate and ice cream. Binge watch cheesy shows while crying over depressing Taylor Swift breakup songs. Maybe call up another single friend and cry together. Ignore all texts. Avoid any kind of social interaction that will make you feel better, because right now you’re depressed and you want to stay that way!

But! You don’t have to stand being single! Don’t wait for Prince Charming or a Damsel in Distress to appear. Go out and find one! There are probably a bunch of people out there, wanting or needing to be someone’s sweetheart! Just take your pick! If you’re just gonna date them so it just only appears you are cool enough to have a date, (you know who you are…) break up with them on April fools day and claim the whole relationship was a joke! At least it’ll be an interesting story.

Or maybe you can play Cupid. Help those in need, and pair them up with others. They will thank you in the future. (Actually they probably won’t, especially if they don’t like the person you paired them with, but whatever). Being a matchmaker will make up for the friendless and alone feelings you have.

No matter what you do, just know that having a date during spring is not the most important thing in the world. Just take a chill pill, and have some fun. This budding season is the perfect excuse to let loose, smell the flowers, and enjoy the dirty snow piles that seem to never disappear on the side of the road.

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