Review: Hello, my Twenties!

February 2, 2018

“Hello, my Twenties!” (also known as “Age of Youth”) is a South Korean television show that first came out in 2016. Since then, it has been put on Netflix, which is where I watched the series. At first, I didn’t expect much of the series. But after a drastic reveal at the end of the first episode, it left me wanting to watch more of it. It was like a change from zero to 100 in a good way.


The story begins by introducing us to several very different girls all live in one home called Belle Epoque. The newcomer, Yoo Eun-jae, is more timid than the rest and gets upset over some things the other housemates do. However, she never tells them about it until she gets to a breaking point. They all have a discussion on what they can do to make the house more peaceful, and tried to get along despite their differences. I know it doesn’t sound very interesting when its put it like that. But after they share (and don’t share) secrets about themselves, the story takes on a whole new layer.


This isn’t a stereotypical drama. Despite five differing girls living together, they all have different and mysterious backgrounds. Lying is common when they try to keep things to themselves. However, that doesn’t always work out for all of them. You find out early on that curiosity can lead you to find out things you wouldn’t have expected.


“Hello, my Twenties!” also has some supernatural elements, which makes you want to seek answers and come up with theories. Though the show is mainly a drama, it has bits of comedy throughout. Even if you, like myself, aren’t a fan of drama, it’s still worth a watch as it is much more than that.


One downfall is something you may already have inferred. The show is Korean. This means the audio is Korean, written things are Korean. You may hear some English, but it is very minimal. Watching this show as an English speaker requires you to have subtitles on. I know for many people that is an absolute no, but, believe me, the story is worth it.


All in all, the show is well made. No character feels like a replica of another. It doesn’t ever seem like the producers were working too hard for ideas. The story flows nicely, and within the hour-long episodes you make connections between minute one and minute 60.


I highly recommend “Hello, my Twenties!” even if you aren’t a fan of subtitles or dramas. You won’t regret it.

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