Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Possibly misses Season Due to Injury

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Possibly misses Season Due to Injury

Photo Courtesy of: wikimedia.org

Photo Courtesy of: wikimedia.org

Photo Courtesy of: wikimedia.org

Photo Courtesy of: wikimedia.org

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Green Bay Packers 33-year-old star quarterback Aaron Rodgers will possibly miss the Packers next 10 games due to a broken collarbone.

Rodgers was tackled during the first quarter in the game against the Minnesota Vikings on October 15. Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr tackled Rodgers, hitting him from the left side and driving his right shoulder into the ground. Many think it was a late tackle.

“I didn’t like the hit. It was totally unnecessary in my opinion,” Packers head coach Mike Mccarthy told cbssport.com.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer disagreed.

“I don’t know what the scrutiny is,” Zimmer told sportingnews.com. “We’re playing football. It’s unfortunate that he got hurt but I think everything was above board. We’re not a dirty football team. We’ll never be a dirty football team as long as I’m here. We’re going to play within the rules and sometimes things happen.”

Rodgers has since had surgery for the injury. Since Barr tackled Rodgers and drove his throwing shoulder into the ground, his healing process could take longer.

McCarthy said that Rodgers will be out for a “significant amount of time.” It’s possible he will miss the entire season.

While this devastating loss for the Packers will prove to be a challenge, third year quarterback Brett Hundley started in his first NFL October 22 against the New Orleans Saints. The Packers lost 26-17.

McCarthy promoted quarterback Joe Callahan from the backup squad as Hundley’s backup.

“I’ve got three years invested in Brett Hundley. I’ve got great confidence in Brett Hundley,” McCarthy told cbssport.com. “I’ve got two years invested in Joe Callahan. It’s a quarterback room that has structure and there is a philosophy behind the development of it and it will be applied to the game plan.”.

Green Bay Packers fan Derek Maki, father of an EMS student, is not happy with the outcome of the first quarter.

“I’m bummed out because without him they don’t have any chance of making the playoffs or going any farther then that or even have a good season.” Maki said.

Maki doesn’t know what to expect from Hundley.

“I’ve only seen him play a little bit, but listening to sports radios and stuff like that nobody thinks it’s gonna happen,” he said. “It’s a big question mark on him.”

It would be hard for anyone to follow in Rodgers’ shoes.

“Rodgers is what a lot of people think is the best quarterback there’s ever been,” he stated.

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