What Are The Worst Fashion Trends?


Photo Courtesy of: Sophia Hagerty

Sophia Hagerty and Isabelle Ranger

From corsets to leg warmers to hot pants, there have been some bad fashion trends that people are ashamed of today.

Leg warmers were big in the 80s and join a number of  “cringe” trends from that era, like shoulder pads and wild combinations of every color/pattern they could think of.

“Leg Warmers, poodle skirts, and scarves are old trends that nobody wears anymore,” eighth grader Kate Leask said. According to Marie Claire, a fashion and news website, leg warmers and poodle skirts were some of the worst fashion trends of the 20th century.

“Some famous people are known for there whacko trends, such as Lady Gaga and Madonna,” Leask says. Gaga has worn dresses made of raw meat and others with 3D shapes in every direction. Madonna wore leggings, mini skirts, lots of makeup/jewelry, and crop tops with tank tops cut all weirdly under them.

“Some old trends that people don’t wear today are corsets, lots of makeup, and big hair.” 8th grader Lilly Kuberski says. She agrees with Leask that Lady Gaga has been seen in some fashion no-no’s. She also pointed to Miley Cyrus as a poor fashion role model.

Miley Cyrus has worn any kind of denim clothing, big hair in different colors and styles, and revealing and provocative outfits. Miley Cyrus also wears big jewelry statements, including huge pearl necklaces, a hand full of rings, and piercings wherever you could imagine.

“Bad trends start by popular people going out of the box, and wearing something unique that others start to wear,” Kuberski said. According to Bad Habit Boutique, a blog website, trends start on the runway, in fashion blogs and in the clothing offerings of some big name brands. But we can’t prevent bad trends from happening.

You can only wonder what so called “trends” in 2017 are going to go down in flames, and make us cringe when we look at our middle school photos.




Kate Leask– “Leg Warmers, poodle skirts, and scarfs are old trends that nobody wears anymore.”

“These old trends start by one person wearing them, and then another person wearing them, then

Photo Courtesy of: Sophia Hagerty

everybody wears them.”

“I think that these old trends were worn by the people in the ‘70s and ‘90’s.”

“Weird trends that are popular today are socks with sandals and socks that go up to your knee.”

“I think that Lady Gaga wore weird clothes that started trends and so did Madonna.”


Lilly Kuberski- Some old trends that people don’t wear today are corsets, big earrings, and big hair.”

“Bad trends start by one popular person wears something and then everybody wants to wear it.”

“Some famous people that wear clothes that no one else would wear are Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.”