Most Popular Clothing Brand


Photo Courtesy of: Isabelle Ranger

Isabelle Ranger and Sophia Hagerty

There are always trends or certain styles that are “in” right now.  According the Love to Know, a beauty and fashion advice website, fashion trends happen in five ways: the runway, street style, celebrities, fashion blogs, and the different fashion capitals of the world.  When trends start, all the clothing companies get on board and make similar items to sell to teens.

Eighth grader Kerri Berkey keeps up with the latest trends.

“Well, Lululemon is very popular and so is Urban Outfitters and American Eagle because they are all really trendy and a lot of people wear their clothes,” she said.

Girls aren’t the only ones who are fashion savvy. Boys get in on trends too.

“Popular clothing brands are Vineyard Vines and Polo because a lot of people wear those brands,” says eighth grader Will Dawson. Dawson frequently sports Vineyard Vines clothing. Lifestyle website, The Odyssey, dubbed Vineyard Vines “the current black hole for our college budgets.”

Local brands that are familiar to Traverse City tees are High Five and M22. Berkey and Dawson both agree that M22 is trendy and comfortable, which is why it’s rare that you don’t see multiple M22 logos in the halls of East.

“M22 also represents Traverse city and so when you wear it, it’s supporting TC,” Berkey said.

Supreme has become another top-selling brand.

“Supreme is very popular because it’s streetwear and that lots of people have it,” Spencer Weekly, a 7th grader says. According to style website Complex, streetwear is so in right now because it’s very cultural and it’s more available than ever.

If something catches and becomes trendy, it can mean profits for clothing companies.

But nothing lasts forever. Especially trends in clothing.