Sophie Poteet

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Sophie Poteet

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Jacob Pszczolkowski

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With a new school year underway and an exciting summer closing out, it is time to adjust to the new surroundings of the halls and classrooms. For 8th grader Sophie Poteet, close friends have been the best tool in helping her get used to a new school year.

Poteet switched to General Ed. from IB in the 2016-2017 school year. She says that she likes her 8th grade schedule more because it serves to strengthen the bonds between her and her friends.

Poteet has more friends in her new classes, so it’s easier to catch up if she misses a class. Since they were placed in the same classes, Poteet has been able to relate to her friends on more subjects such as teachers and in-class events.

“With my new schedule, all of my friends are in nearly all of my classes,” he said. “We connect more now than we ever have before. We learned so much about each other that we never would have learned otherwise.”

Poteet says that her friends have always been there for each other.

“We are always there for each other,” she said. “When my dog died last year, my friends were all there for me. We support each other.”

Poteet says that she likes the new setup of eighth grade. It means easier navigation around the school and a later lunch time.

“It makes me feel more mature,” Poteet says. “I feel like I’m growing up here with my friends.”

Poteet is enjoying her year here at EMS. She loves the school and is very happy to be here. Poteet could teach many people a valuable lesson. Your friends will always be there with you when it counts.

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