Depth of Wells

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Depth of Wells

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Libby Hall

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A love of volleyball is always a factor in Avery Wells’ life.

Along with Wells’ bubbling personality and ear-to-ear smile, she is always on the volleyball court. Wells has played volleyball since fourth grade, along with her best friend Cadie Richey. She always enjoys setting the ball and has high expectations of herself, including playing volleyball in high school and college. She also has a bright laugh that makes you smile just by hearing it.

Wells is a social individual but she enjoys the current quietness of her home. Until this year, her older brother garnered most of her parents’ attention. But he’s moved on to college, and Wells now enjoys quiet evenings spent in her house without her loud sibling wandering around.

Wells’ home also has another member besides her brother He’s a bit more fluffy. Bun is her pet bunny.

“He’s a fluffy and sweet, but he thinks my hair is hay so he tries to eat it,” she said. Bun is five years old but the Wells family adopted her when she was two. Wells always tells humorous stories about Bun hopping in his play-pen, complete with bunny toys. Once they forgot about Bun in the play-pen, but he hopped around as happy as can be for quite a while. While Bun is adorable, Wells says he also leaves little “gifts” lying around. One of these “gifts” occurred when she was holding him.

Wells adores the social aspect of her life and volleyball is a big part of that. Her travel team is filled with a variety of humorous personalities. Currently, she only knows one person on her volleyball team, Ava Hinsenkamp, but she knows that she will become fast friends with everyone soon enough.

On the weekends, you can find Wells camping with her family friends and riding on a tube along Lake Leelanau. After a long day, Wells likes sitting under the stars, roasting marshmallows with her friends.

Although she takes pleasure in her long weekends away, you know that the next evening, she will be on the volleyball court.


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